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Health Ohio Network Provider Manual

Physician Reimbursement

Please email Health Ohio Network (
The information below for physician reimbursement amounts.
  • Name & Contact Information
  • Tax ID #
  • NPI #
  • 10 – 15 most frequently used CPT Codes

Appeal Process

Pursuant to the HON Facility and Provider agreements, if providers have an issue with a claim that needs to be reviewed for interpretation or application of the agreement terms, providers can contact our customer service at: 1-234-380-5700 to initiate the claims appeal process. For additional details please see the provider manual which is located in our Provider Services Page. For benefit issues, please contact the payor located on the ID card.

Physician Membership Request Form

We greatly appreciate your interest in having your physician become a provider with Health Ohio Network. Please complete and return our attached form in order to evaluate your physician. All requests are reviewed by the HON Network Committee on a monthly basis. Please note that not all physicians meet our qualifying criteria and that not all physicians wish to become a Preferred Provider.

Submit your written request to:
Health Ohio Network
377 B Lear Road
Suite 289
Avon Lake, OH 44012
Attention: Provider Relations

Or email:

Download Physician Membership Request Form